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The drop down menu you clicked focuses on graphic design. Since interning as a graphic designer during uni and continuing the career in corporate as a full timer for a few years after graduating I then carried on graphic design into my freelance career.

Right now I continue to do graphic design as an income in B2B tasks while I spend the rest of my time building my career as an artist (and tutoring). I’ve recently been able to merge the skills by creating a colouring in book out of my digital artworks! Having made the book I’m now also dabbling in B2C sales at a higher demand than my artwork sales, the book seems to be a hot topic!

I have also been a full time photographer which I later brought into my design roles, mainly in product photography. I rarely do product photography as of lately. 

The above skills lead me to my digital art and I managed to monetise my Photoshop skills as a retoucher in recent years, which is my technical strength second to art.

The design tasks I’ve covered pretty much cover all applications by now, InDesign is a strength of mine. Get in contact if you have questions about your requirements! Below are some older examples.

-Vanessa Stefanova.