...To the side of my website that focuses on graphic design. I've been a graphic designer my entire career so far, for the past seven years.

During that time I've completed design tasks such as catalogue design (a strength of mine and have managed over 23 catalogues and just wrapped up a 370ish page design), web building for the clients that specifically request it, any web image from EDM's to favicons, HTML5's, GIF's, infographics which then are used for video presentations and much more!

I turned freelance so I could expand the amount of time I could focus on becoming an artist (painting) and love to incorporate an artistic spin for any clients who require it!

Feel free to check out the retouching side of this website (via home page or the menu) to see what sorts of exciting visuals I can create to represent your brand! That side also includes photography, deep etching and simple retouching.

-Vanessa Stefanova.