If you have any unanswered questions, please, feel free to send an email from the contact page.

What’s your return policy?

Since design is a service, there is no return once the task has begun. Although if you are unhappy with the final product I’m more than happy to narrow down exactly what you expect and try to embody that for you.

Are you able to organise printing?

Absolutely! We will have to talk about the extra pricing details although I have people on hand.

Do you have customer service?

Feel free to ring any time during 8am to 6.30pm weekdays and sometimes if working late I’ll be contactable on Saturdays.

How long does it take to complete a task?

This depends on the task itself and what medium you require. Basic designs with one slogan and an image shouldn’t take more than an hour. I try to get a form of final product to my clients within 5 business days.

Whats the hourly rate?

Currently the hourly rate is $100 per hour for anyone who hasn’t purchased a yearly package..

How do I pay?

For jobs under $500 I require upfront payment and for anything above I require a 50% deposit before I begin work.

You can send it through the details mentioned on your estimate, through PayPal, or use the PayID 32916699433.

How long will it take to do a  simple design?

Roughly it takes me about an hour to an hour and a half for one EDM which includes text placement. If theres no text in your advert then a lot faster.

Print designs such as catalogues with a specific brief can take around 3 hours plus or minus an hour.