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Please get in contact to commission an artwork! Digital or painted.

Links to purchase some of these artworks via BigCommerce will be added soon (I've been saying that for a few weeks), until then, feel free to purchase via instagram!

My digital artworks and photo manipulations are all displayed on my instagram page. And a lot of the paintings are located here. This year I've decided to try and complete one painting a week, last year I completed one a week for 10 weeks and that was quite a challenge. Now that I've found a new surreal style I'd like to really pump out artworks this year to have a couple collections set up.

The current collection I'm working on isn't named yet although will be based around the first painting I completed this year called "Trauma" I'll be entering this into a prize in April.

From November 2017 to November 2018 I made it into 2 finalist exhibitions and one extra exhibition that was offered to me. This year I'd like to make the finals of at least 3 prizes.

Royal Art Society's Youth Prize and the Inaugural Art Piece Gallery 30 x 30cm Art Prize.

This is the first painting I created in 2019, I name it "Trauma" because when a cactus has paint poured on it all the plant can do is grow through the paint - it cant remove it. I use that as a metaphor for people, when a person experiences trauma, they cant forget the event and can only adjust their lives to live with it.

This will be for sale after July depending on how it goes in the competition. Feel free to indicate your interest or request a similar painting by commission.