Fruits of my Labour Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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This is a painting of a pear with a cow hide skin growing from a hand shaped tree with sparkles on it, the inner pear has a ladder and birds flying from it.

I painted this just because that’s what I saw at first and couldn’t decide what to call it until the end.. I thought of a few names, Scorpio Rising, Pandoras Box.. they didn’t vibe. I personally see it that the pear grows from the hand, and it grows in a unique way with a unique result, not generic and a load of surprises inside. That to me is because the work I create is always so unique, none before and none to follow that will replicate it while being a genuine hand craft.

Oil Based, signed with a certificate of authenticity and ready to hang.

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Dimensions 92 × 3 × 92 cm


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