Primary Flavours Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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This is a painting I made based on the concept of primary colours, where you can mix yellow, blue and red in any combination along with the shades black and white to make any colour. I went through a mini phase in 2020 trying to improve my cooking and thought why can’t making flavours be like making colours? Why can’t we assign sour sweet ect. In order to make it clear what goes “well” together.

The painting is a skewer of a lemon (yellow/ sour), blueberry (blue/ sweet) and chilli (red/ spicy) dripping down their colours where the drips mix to form a watermelon which floats to the surface, in the background are oranges and cucumbers already formed.

This painting warrants a second thought after I show off my painting “Cheese”, one I made a few weeks later after learning something about my brain and flavours.

Hand stretched and always sold with hooks a certificate of authenticity and ready to hang!

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