Phantasia Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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Not long ago it clicked for me that not everyone is creative.. Naively thinking that people were being lazy when explaining “I can’t” when it comes to thinking outside the box. Soon after I made a painting about an image that comes to mind when listening to a song which sparked discussion about what people see in their minds. I then learnt about hyperphantasia; the genetic trait to vividly see images as your hearts content in your imagination and the opposite, aphantasia where someone struggles to create an image.

So from that thought of learning what I’d learnt I wanted to paint a simple painting where one side is an apple (similar to what I’d imagine) and as you pan toward the right, the apple becomes more 2D and a simple line drawing to express the above.

Check out my instagram story to see some progress shots of this artwork or other prints on the story @miss_vanessaness.

Oil Based, hand stretched, signed and ready to hang.

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Dimensions 51 × 3 × 51 cm


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