Survival Instinct Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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I’m often surrounded by women who are have boys on their mind 24/7, I don’t really comprehend how they have so much mental bandwidth for the topic although after years of listening to their stories that seem almost parallel to the previous or another woman’s story I recently noticed a pattern where they always tell me their fantasies of the future. They’ll get married, the guy will support them with XYZ, live happily ever after and she’ll have less problems (as if it’s connected). It clicked for me, I finally realise that this is their survival instinct, if these women I’m meeting focus on one topic, the men, instead of various topics such as career and independence then their future is sorted. This is my piece of mind and I can now justify why some women can be so obsessed, instead of thinking to myself in a critical manner.

When I put this thought into a picture in my mind, I see a glass woman with a man trapped inside as her brain. Pink dots on the floor which also cover the glass statues, blending into the surrounding environment. The trapped men have no clothes because clothes would give them identity and from my point of view it doesn’t look like the personality or anything individual about the men seems to matter. I put a man escaped in the background for giggles.

This artwork is one of my hand-stretched ones (not framed), has a certificate of authenticity and always sold with hooks ready to hang!

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