Spotty Pig Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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Lately my digital artworks have been receiving a bit more attention then my paintings, although fair enough though I’ve been making some solid ones while experimenting on techniques with my paintings. So I thought I’d channel into the style I create my digital artworks in.

I thought turning animals spotty and surreal was easier in digital form. It definitely takes less time, although this reminded me of a statement my brother made something along the lines of being able to do way more with paintings than digital artworks, because all you need is paint. I find that particularly true with this painting as I could work on the fur with much more detail than I could in Photoshop, I also dont have any photo’s of pigs in this pose… I also started painting the pig a day and a half before finishing the painting so I wonder how it would turn out if I gave myself more time.

Overall, when I watch cooking shows and how they transform the animal products into something entirely unrecognisable and beautiful makes wonder what the other animals of that species would think if they were watching it, this painting reminds me of that. It also reminds me of a very well glazed cake.

Oil based, sold with hooks ready to hang and a certificate of authenticity! I’ll have a custom batch made in September so you’ll receive a temporary one until then.

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