Sarcastic Doughnut Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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I made this painting with a goal in mind to paint the look of gold, I recently had some digital artworks of gold doughnuts I created printed and wanted to wrap my mind around why a printer can print CMYK and have the image look gold and whether I could be just as precise with my flat colours and tones to create gold. I think I need more practice and do think it’s somewhat doable although I’m not there yet.

I call it sarcastic doughnut, as if the doughnuts saying “Yeah man, I can be gold”.

This is one of my hand-stretched ones, has a certificate of authenticity and always sold with hooks ready to hang! Temporary certificate will be sent until I have batch of the custom certificates made up in September.

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Dimensions 45.5 × 3 × 31 cm


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