Tofu Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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When I was younger there wasn’t much lactose free substitutes available and always thought that when I get older there’ll be heaps. There aren’t (in Australia) although I find it somewhat ironic that major companies opt to jump straight to vegan food to be inclusive of those with intolerances. Yet I’d prefer to opt out of those products and make my own, entirely skipping on the mass production.

I see tofu as a kind of “fake” food, it’s often mimicking other food and never the hero of a meal. This painting’s mocking vegan food (as I do.. lol), the pear represents the tofu and a clear drape over it as if it’s a cow hide, my representation of when people use tofu to make “meat”. Instead of human cameramen I used pink peacocks because I feel the genre is super glorified, often in the spotlight and shaming other diets.

It’s ultimately up to the viewer to determine how they want to perceive the painting.

Sold with hooks, ready to hang, a certificate of authentication and oil based!

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Dimensions 46 × 3 × 35.5 cm


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