The Most Amazing Colouring Book You’ve Ever Seen By Vanessa Stefanova


Colouring in book.



I’ve now made three colouring in books which definitely live up to their name! The 2020 edition is based on my digital artworks and the 2021 editions have a digital art and a paintings edition.

The books have the following features:
– Greyed out lines so the user can feel like their final image looks actually drawn!
– Spiral bound so the user can lie it flat without effort.
– Reference images on the left, either to use as a guide or use as they wish!
– 1mm covers so the user can colour on a solid surface when they’re on the go.
– Inspiring images.
– Recycled paper
– 120gsm page thickness
– 20cm x 25cm (plus the wire)

Don’t trust my website?? All good! I’ve listed the book on other websites plus their commission. eBay and Amazon.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 1 cm
Which edition?

TMACBYES 2020 Original, TMACBYES 2021 Painting Edition, TMACBYES 2021 Digital Art Edition

Which Colour Binder?

Bronze, Gold, Teal, Orange, Black, White, Surprise me!


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