The Water cooler Oil Painting Vanessa Stefanova


Surreal painting.

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This painting is the start of a new way of painting for me. During lockdown I set myself to complete a lockdown challenge which ended up in overusing my right hand and I ended up continuing the challenge with my left hand in the colouring in books. That had a domino effect. Many weeks later half way through painting this painting it felt weird not using my left hand as well, so now I paint with two hands.

The painting originally set out to be just the teacup, although at the time I felt like I could do better, setting up scenes instead of having an object in focus. So I brought in the birds and by the time I’d finished painting them it gave me the vibe they’re flocking around a water cooler sharing stories. The spots represent the story and I aimed to give each bird a different persona.

Sold with hooks ready to hang, hand stretched and a certificate of authenticity! I make the certificates special and individual so the next batch will be printed in Feb and you’ll receive a temporary one until then.

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