These are the rates, get in touch to see how long your task should take.

All jobs under $600 must be paid upfront and above that can be paid in instalments as discussed in relation to feedback stages.

All tasks come with 2 revisions.

$90 ph

Mainly created with InDesign and doesn’t involve Photoshop editing, that is under “Retouching”. Tasks that involve documents, website updates, banners, or anything involving moving elements around will be this cost.


I work remotely and haven’t had a day rate on site in a few years. This means that I designate my computer for a 9-5 to your business and complete as much as I can in that time.

This works best for people who have a lot to be done and need the best value in price.


This involves any image altering using Photoshop.

You may have a design task which I’ll need to edit a photo for you, this is when this rate will come in. Usually design tasks that require retouching only use 5m of retouching time.


This is to book me at my computer for one 9-5 for retouching work at the best value.


This is essentially graphic design with some extra WordPress Skills.

All my website requests so far have asked me to build the website so the client can update it themselves. I have no problem doing that for anyone.


Up to a 7 page WordPress Website.

Hosting and domain isn’t included, I’m just designing it for you although do advise how to obtain the requirements.

$230 each

I’ll first give you options and then after a couple rounds of feedback I’ll create the final image.


I will charge you for the photoshoot time and then the cost per image. Like all photographers I don’t release images which aren’t finalised or purchased.


First meeting is ‘on the house’, I like to meet the clients and discuss the tasks to fully understand the job.

Any meeting after the first (before work commences) will be charged upfront.

During COVID-19 I’m taking caution and not meeting in person.