Whether you’re a drop in customer or a photographer I’ll be teaming up with, I believe theres no image I can’t alter to your liking (with direction of what you want of coarse).

If you hover your mouse over the image to the left you can see that this is a photo of myself in which was taken in a way that breaks many rules of photography. Theres no breathing room at the top, the couch is included, and the image is tilted.

I touched up this image patching the parts that should have been excluded, straightening it up, and turned it black and white to give you that professional feel as if a pro (who isn’t myself) took the image!

For anyone who has an ordinary image and wants it to look fantastic, I do once-off edits from just $8.30 AUD.

To the right you can see a diary. I designed this from scratch for my lovely client Zohra (these are for sale btw!) where she thought up a perfect yearly planner that covers about any genre you can think of!

Along with being her personal graphic designer I also offered my skills of product photography to help her promote the product.

A big no-no in photography is showing the customer the original image! I’m sure she’s seen it by now so I’ve used the before photo to show you just how fabulous I can make your product images.

I will disclose that I did do some CGI in this image. If you ever need a CGI still frame artist, check out my instagram.


This image to the left is a close up of a snapchat filter removal I did!

I often have these requests via instagram as theres a large market out there for young woman who love snapchat and the image snapchat gives them although they decide later on they still want that memory, with the filter removed. Kind of like wanting a tattoo removed.. no shame in that.

This lovely lade allowed me to show off my edit so much that I also have the screen recording of this above and on YouTube. Happy to show others as requested although a lot of the customers like to stay anonymous.

This image to the right has a very sweet story behind it. The woman who requested this edit wanted an anniversary gift for her boyfriend of them together in primary school. Unfortunately she can’t turn back time although fortunately for her there is photoshop!

I was sent some lovely high resolution files, as you can see when you hover over the image, where I saw that I was required to fabricate the clothing, background and add appropriate shadows.

From memory this was a $60 AUD edit and well worth it!

Product photography isn’t just taking a well lit photo of your product..

It’s so much more and this certainly is one of those “you pay for what you get” jobs.